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The Atlantic Ocean Row -  December 2024

We are three ever so slightly bonkers ladies and one poor guy taking on a 3000 nautical mile row across the Atlantic Ocean.   On 12th December 2024 we will dock out from La Gomera in the Canary Islands to row 3000 miles to English Harbour, Antigua.


Our Mission:


To raise money and awareness for our chosen charities and to want to have lunch with each other after the row is complete.  The ability to get along with 4 people for 40-50 days in a very small boat is a skill in itself.  The crew dynamics is vital.


Sustainability is key - we will ensure that where possible our row will has as little impact on the environment as possible to make this a world worth living in. 


Between us we have an extensive range of skills, from off shore experience, navigation, rowing, sailing, military discipline and a touch of madness, taking on the World's Toughest Row.  


The race is unassisted but supported by race organisers Atlantic Campaigns, who are a well established ocean rowing company with a wealth of experience and due diligence.  

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Ebb & Flow Crew

Join the crew on our voyage across an Ocean


Julie Eddicott


Ed Dewer


Mary Sutherland

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Sally Percival

For the past 8 years Julie has stood on the bow of the racing yacht during regatta season... 

As a winter-sports enthusiast and ex-Army reservist Ed enjoys the thrill of physical exertion...

Mary is a seasoned ocean rower having crossed two oceans, the Atlantic & the Pacific picking up 3 world records...

Sally is a keen Rower at her local Rowing Club in Christchurch. She has competed in various Coastal Four races...

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The Race

Known as the "world's toughest row" the crew are looking to overcome the challenge. Starting off the sunny coasts of the Canary Islands, the race will take all 30-40 teams across the treacherous seas of the Atlantic Ocean to the idyllic Caribbean Islands. The race takes on average 50 days of pure rowing with the crew hoping to cross the line in Antigua with flying colours. 

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Our Charities


Making a positive and lasting difference

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Helping people with life-limiting illnesses and their families across East Dorset


Rebuilding young people's confidence

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