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The Race

An endurance row like no other: World's Toughest Row
​On 12th December 2024, the 4 of us will set off with around 40 other crews, 3 minutes apart, for  an incredible journey west across the Atlantic Antigua bound, with just 8 oars, a lot of dried food, solar power and a water maker!  The boat has 3 rowing positions, 2 cabins and is 28.5ft long x 5 ft wide.
We are hoping to live the adventure in every sense of the word.  Take in all the ocean has to throw at us, whether that is flying fish, whales or barnacles on the hull or the beauty of the sea or the never ending carpet of stars.   We hope to complete the row in 50 days but if we can complete this in the 40’s that will be a bonus.  We will row in excess of 1.5 million oar strokes, facing waves of 30-40ft, sea sickness, likely storms, not to mention suffer from hand blisters and bottom sores! Everything we need will be on board - nothing can be handed to us as this is an unassisted row.  We will carry all essentials including dehydrated food rations, a water maker, just 2 sets of clothes each, emergency kit, survival equipment oh and some treats along the way.
It is estimated that each crew member will burn and consume in excess of 4,000 calories per day, lose an average of 8kg during the crossing and consume more than 5L of water per day. 
Most common question - is there a toilet on board?  NO! 
It’s as much a social experiment as it is a physical one.  It is more a true test of mental strength, determination and resilience.  It will take its toll physically of course but we will be training for this for a year before we set off to ensure we are in good shape. 
More people have climbed Everest and have been into space than have rowed across an ocean!
Check out the video below highlighting the race
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